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Growing up in the West Coast and riding since the age of 8 years old.


Together with the "horse legend" Drikus Laubscher from Stompneusbaai, we decided to start, Drikus Horse Trails, as a tribute to one of the most wonderful "horseman" which I was privileged enough to have as a mentor in my life.



about us

Paternoster horsetrails offers beach and sunset rides on the beautifull dunes and beaches around Paternoster

on the farm

  • Bird watching

  • Flower walks during spring season

  • Enjoy all the antics of the "wilde hase","muishonde","duikers", "steenbokkies and "bakoor jakkalsies"

  • Daily Rides between 9h00-11h00 and 3h00-5h00

  • If you want to stop on the beach for a sundowner arrange when book


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